1:00pm (EST) The bulls seem to be on vacation this week and the ones left behind are trying to hold Dow 9,000.  The market is holding up well despite the lack of momentum which is a good sign.  There are still political and economic risks to this market and I mentioned this morning the bulls are searching for the next catalyst. The Dow is currently down 40 points to 9,057 and has been in the red all day.  We have seen some buying in the late afternoon and hopefully we get that going into the close.  There are, however, some pockets of strength in the market and we happen to be enjoying those gains in some of the stocks that are trading higher. Ford (F, $7.21, up $0.07), Bank of America (BAC, $13.69, up $0.35) and Microsoft (MSFT, $23.57, up $0.10) continue to roll… The fireworks are coming after the bell as Cerner (CERN, $64.69, up $0.51), Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR, $66.53, down $0.97) and Visa (V, $66.08, down $0.22) report earnings… We were stopped out of the other half of the IBM (IBM, $116.37, down $0.91) August 115 calls (IBMHC, $3.00, down $0.70) and the August 105 calls (IBMHA, $11.69, down $1.17) are nearing the $11.00 stop.  We were also stopped out of the DryShips (DRYS, $6.57, down $0.22) September 7.50 calls (OOCIU, $0.50, down $0.10) at 50 cents.  The entry price was 35 cents which gave us about a 50% return. That is all I have for now and I will be back tonight (by 11pm EST) to give the update.  Rick@MomentumOptionsTrading.com]]>