• A Better Way to Trade Options

    Lock in Double- and Triple-Digit Profits from Stocks on the Move.

    Every day, dozens of stocks make big moves up or big moves down. We pinpoint that momentum and profit from the "pop" or "drop" before everyone else jumps in.

    The result: 518 double- and 281 triple-digit winners over the last eight years no matter what the market was doing. See how you can use this proven strategy to take your trading to the next level…

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  • Options made Easy... Profits like Clockwork


    At Easy Money Options, we help readers generate double- and triple-digit winners with a fraction of the risk.

    Thanks to a strategy that focuses on high-profile, momentum stocks that are in solidified trends, we find opportunities to profit on big moves up and down. With a single new trade recommendation each week, you can rake in profits without being tied to your computer.

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A Better Way to Trade Options Options made Easy... Profits like Clockwork

Rick Rouse, Editor

Rick Rouse is a seasoned trader who has helped his readers make money in every type of market - from the 2008 market plunge to 2015's range-bound market and everything in between. Along the way, Momentum Options has delivered a huge 97% winning trade percentage that's one of the best in the business. Rick's newest service, Easy Money Options, is an alternative way for investors to score fast profits without being tied to a computer all day "“ leading readers to winning trades on big name stocks they know and love using a simple and straightforward approach that lowers risk and maximizes profits.

Rick lives in a small town far away from the greed and games of Wall Street. Instead, he devotes 100+ hours a week to studying the market, analyzing charts and bringing investors like you simple, easy to follow options trades that help you make money no matter which way the market winds are blowing. Read more


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Momentum Options

Cumulative gains from January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2015

A Better Way to Trade Options
Options made Easy"¦ Profits like Clockwork


A Better Way to Trade Options
Your source for Triple-Digit Winners again in 2017...

We continue to stay hot for 2017 with a 75% win rate, unmatched in the industry, as other option and investment newsletters struggle to keep up with this market. My readers continue to book double-digit and triple-digit winners, no matter what the market is doing, and include these monster winners:

Imax (IMAX) puts+200%Cisco Systems (CSCO) calls+43%
Viavi Solutions (VIAV) calls+240%Square (SQ) calls+37%
Green Dot (GDOT) calls+100%Flex (FLEX) calls+88%
Tower Semiconductor (TSEM) calls+100%Viavi Solutions (VIAV) calls+75%
Snap (SNAP) calls +60%iShares Russell 2000 (IWM) puts+43%
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Big Profits with Less Risk

I have been using this low-risk/high-reward strategy, to produce some amazing results. Take a look at some of the returns my in-the-money options and earnings plays have generated…

SFLY February 47.50 Puts+433% in 8 days!FB April $113 Calls+23.64%

Now compare those returns to what you would have made had you shorted the underlying common stock during the same time frame:

Shutterfly (short)+19% as shares fell from $51 to $43 from 2/1/17 thru 2/9/17 on an earnings missFacebook (FB)+0.9%

With this strategy, you’ll significantly outperform a traditional stock portfolio and the broader market as well.

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Gain for the week: $12,050

Great call on GMCR! I have been trading for about 15 years actively. This may be the best trade I ever made. Gain for the week: $12,050.-Bob

276% in a Matter of Seconds!

Thank you so much for the great CL pick. I am not sure if there was buy-out/merger news or what but at 3PM today Colgate-Palmolive absolutely EXPLODED to the upside, and my calls turned into green candy when they went from 1.40 to 3.8 in a matter of seconds! I even sold a few for over 4.0! Much thanks and keep the solid picks up my friend, honestly. Only a fool would scoff at 267% gains... Peace!-Shaun

Risked $2,700, pocketed $54,550

I have only been a member for about 6 weeks but I have done well on most of the trades. On average that one trade netted me a 2,120% gain, entirely based on YOUR recommendation (and a little bit of luck). To put this in real terms, I risked $2,700 on Wednesday and pocketed $54,550 just 24 hours later.-Dennis

Wow! Up 70% in One Month

Wow!! My account is up 70% since I joined last month. Really appreciate your service. I just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU. Hope to be with you for a very long time.-Mel

Up Nearly 50% In Less Than a Month

Thanks be to Momentum Options Trading for providing me with some fantastic wins. I just started with this service and am up nearly 50% in less than a month. I feel more confident about my trades and continue to play the wins. Best of all, I am now keeping my regular paychecks in the bank! Thank you!-Joe G.

Turned $2,000 into $10,000 with One Trade

Thank you so much for the Dendreon trade, I made almost $10,000 with that trade with a little over $2,000 investment. You have shown me the power of options trading. Again, thank you so much for all your inputs.-Ken


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"Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), namely its impending iPhone upgrade, could play a major role in market direction this month. Rival Samsung’s recent issues and the decision to stop sales of its Galaxy Note7 smartphones will hurt the company over the near term, as this is going to be a major inconvenience and their customers may replace their current devices with Apple products."

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