Here are some updates on the trades we are following.

AutoZone (AZO, $86.93, down $7.32)

November 95 puts (AZOWS, $8.60, up $4.80) were profiled at 90 cents and traded as low as 75 cents on Tuesday. Sell them right now. If you were brave enough to roll with these November put options your return is up over 800%. Close them today as the contracts expire on Friday.

December 95 puts (AZOXS, $14.70, up $3.30) were profiled at $5.40. Sell 75% of your position today and let the other 25% ride. The return is 175%.

December 75 puts (AZOXU, $6.20, up $1.70) were going for $1.80. I said to buy them up to $2.00 and if you got into this trade, you can bank the 250% return. Close 75%, keep the other 25% open. (BIDU, $106.05, down $5.69)

November 100 puts (BDQWT, $5.40, up $1.90) were going for $2.50. Close the trade.
December 100 puts (BDQXT, $16.70, up $2.00) are up from $8.75. Close the trade.

Although we were on the sidelines with Baidu, some of you may have rolled the dice on this one. Take your profits and run to the hills.

Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF, $14.75, up $0.20)

The stock made another fresh 52-week low yesterday and this trade is pretty close to reaching max potential.

November 22.50 puts (ZWRWX, $7.80, up $0.30) were profiled at $3.30. Close the entire position today.

December 17.50 puts (ZWRXW, $4.00, up $0.30) are up from $1.70. These put options were our main focus and we have done well with them. We are up 135%. You could set stops at $3.40 but you would be giving up profits if ANF reverses course.

Apple (AAPL, $80.00, down $6.29)

I mentioned Apple last Thursday and although it has taken a little longer than expected, the stock is breaking down like a rented mule. The December 80 puts (QAAXP, $8.00, up $2.40) are up 57% from our entry price of $5.10. Set atops at $7.65 to ensure a 50% return.

Google (GOOG, $270.00, down $10.18)

On November 12, I had mentioned the November 280 puts (GGDWP, $16.00, up $7.40) at $6.00 and they traded above $12. We had set stops at $11.00 and we were stopped out of the trade earlier this week.

The December 240 puts (GOUXH, $15.00, up $3.70) were trading at $6.60 and we had set a stop of $9.00 for the position. Raise the stop to $12-$13 and sell 75% of the position if these levels are hit today.

The market looks like it is going to test its low as the Dow is down over 100 points to 7,820. The thing to watch for here is a bounce off the October 10 low of 7,773. If we don’t get a convincing bounce then we could be setting up for a faded rally. If we test the low, bounce, and come right back down then we can expect more weakness.

The market is at a pivital point and we should get a clear direction of which way we are heading by Friday’s close.

Rick Rouse