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Shares of Rave Restaurant Group (RAVE, $2.84, up $0.06) continue to disappoint investors this year, as they have traded to a fresh 52-week low $2.72 this morning. This once-high-flying, small-cap stock came into the year at $6.39 and has since lost approximately 56% of its value at current levels. As you can see from the three-year chart below, shares reached an all-time high of $16.20 on March 12, 2015, but continued losses and changes in management have not been a winning formula for a higher stock price.

The roughly 83% pullback from the lifetime high might be considered a discount, but RAVE would need to stem its losses in future quarters before I would consider committing new money to the stock. In late September, the company reported a loss of $0.22 a share on revenue of $15.7 million. Analysts had expected a $0.06 loss.

That was the third-straight quarterly loss this year, with the company posting losses of $0.12 and $0.45 a share during the prior two quarters. In the year-ago period, the company posted a $0.05 loss per share. This means that over the past year, RAVE has lost $0.84 a share, or $8.9 million, on revenue just over $60 million.

Rave recently hired a temporary CEO, Clinton Coleman, who replaced Randy Gier. While I had high hopes for its past CEO, its new short-term chief has inherited a mess. A successor could come by year-end, however, as the company has hired a search firm to find a permanent CEO.

Operational issues have severely hurt the company’s bottom line and seem to be affecting sales and enthusiasm for the company’s revolutionary pizza concept.

Good fast-casual food, low prices and a new concept don’t always guarantee success, and the wider-than-expected losses are no excuse for a company that has been in business for decades. A national ad campaign this fall might help with sales, but investors should avoid the stock until losses improve and revenues start to increase.

On a broader economic note, this morning’s jobs report disappointed, as payrolls increased by just 156,000 in September. Analysts were expecting a print that showed 172,000 jobs were added. Additionally, the unemployment rate rose from 4.9% to 5%.

Given today’s pullback in the market, the bears are on track to win the week, providing there’s not a major rebound into the close. The Dow is down 82 points to 18,186, while the S&P 500 is declining 12 points to 2,148. The Nasdaq is falling 33 points to 5,273, and the Russell 2000 is off 13 points to 1,232.

I have updated our current trades below and, while I was looking to get us into a New Trade today, it’s probably best to wait until next week, which is when I expect a clearer trend to emerge. I will be back on Monday morning with a full update, but, until then, have a great and safe weekend.

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All prices given in this update are current as of 12:55 p.m. EST.

I hereby disclose that I will be participating in the following trade(s).


Kroger (KR, $29.12, down $0.25)

KR November 27.50 puts (KR161118P00027500, $0.40, up $0.04)

Entry Price: $0.50 (10/4/2016)

Exit Target: $1.00

Return: -20%

Stop Target: None

Action: Near-term support is at $29.25-$29. Resistance is at $29.50-$29.75.


Halozyme Therapeutics (HALO, $11.90, down $0.22)

HALO November 13 calls (HALO161118C00013000, $0.75, down $0.10)

Entry Price: $1.07 (9/27/2016)

Exit Target: $2.15

Return: -30%

Stop Target: $0.55 (Stop Limit)

Action: Near-term support is at $12-$11.75. Resistance is at $12.25-$12.50.


Goodyear Tire & Rubber (GT, $32.77, down $0.09)

GT October 33 calls (GT161021C00033000, $0.57, down $0.11)

Entry Price: $0.75 (9/22/2016)

Exit Target: $1.50

Return: -24%

Stop Target: $0.30 (Stop Limit)

Action: Support is at $32.75-$32.50. Resistance is at $33. The company is scheduled to announce earnings during the last week of the month.


Viavi Solutions (VIAV, $7.28, down $0.10)

VIAV December 8 calls (VIAV161216C00008000, $0.22, flat)

Entry Price: $0.51 (8/19/2016)

Exit Target: $1.05

Return: -57%

Stop Target: $0.15 (Stop Limit)

Action: Support is at $7.25-$7.20. Resistance is at $7.45-$7.50 and the 50-day moving average. Earnings are due to be released during the first week of November.

Trade on!

Rick Rouse
Editor and Chief Options Strategist
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