1:50pm (EST)

We remember watching an interview a few years ago with Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin who went on record and said they would never split the company’s stock.  They mentioned how Warren Buffett has never split Berkshire Hathaway’s (BRK.A, $119,276, down $897) stock and most Wall Street analysts will tell you stock-splits don’t really do anything but create more outstanding shares.

We guess the two heavyweights had a change of mind.

Although it’s not an “official” stock-split, Google did announce a stock “dividend” which it is calling a 2-for-1 stock-split after topping Wall Street’s estimates.  The company reported a profit of $10.08 a share versus estimates for $9.65 a share.  Revenue did miss by a smidge though, as the company came in at $8.14 billion versus calls for $8.15 billion. 

The split is designed to preserve the control of the company by its two co-founders and its corporate structure.  The newly created non-voting stock will trade on the Nasdaq but no immediate time table was given. 

If this is the case, they could do two classes of Google stock as GOOG.A and GOOG.B.  The “Baby Berk’s” are Berkshire Hathaway’s Class B shares (BRK.B, $79.39, down $0.67) so we would imagine Google will likely have the same deal and we will officially dub them the Baby Goog’s. 

We have one share of the Baby Berk’s on our office wall as a tribute to Mr. Buffett and we may add a Google “B” share whenever they come out.  Believe it or not, you can still get a stock certificate for many of the well-known companies and we like to collect one or two every year.  The artwork for some of America’s companies on a stock certificate is our way of collecting “art”.  (Go to OneShare.com to get a complete list.)

With the adaption of eBooks and an all digital world, there will come a day when the “stock certificate” will disappear so we thought we would collect some history before they too become extinct. 

As far as the market, the bears have taken control of the session and will likely when the week.

The Dow is down 68 points to 12,918 while the S&P is off by 11 points to 1,376.  The Nasdaq is lower by 34 points to 3,021.

We have a lot to cover in our Members Area as we are closing another winning trade which will make our 7th of the week and we are lowering our Hard Stop on another position that is profitable.   Subscribers, please pay careful attention to the trade instructions.

We will be back Sunday night with our Weekly Wrap and the chart work for each of our open positions.  Until then, have a great weekend, everyone!