0.1. A Better Way to Trade Options

If you want to start making consistent, market-beating profits — whether the market is up, down or sideways — by trading momentum stocks that are about to make a move up or down, then you’ve come to the right place. Momentum Options has beat the market by an incredible 5-to-1 margin while racking up an incredible 518 double- and 281 triple-digit winners since 2008. With a mix of fundamental and technical analysis we zero in on stocks that are about to make a 3%-5% move — up OR down — and turn that momentum into 100%+ profits using simple calls and puts. Combined with the dozens of catalysts Rick looks for, including a technical breakdown or breakout, sector rotation, earnings, drug approvals, world events, M&A news and it’s a recipe for success. Every stock we trade at Momentum Options has a clear path for making a big move.

As a member of Momentum Options, you’ll receive:

  • Two Email Updates Each Day: You’ll hear from Rick twice a day Monday through Friday so you’ll know exactly what’s going on in the markets and with our trades.
  • Pre-Market Update: Including daily market outlook, each morning you’ll get Rick’s take on the markets, what he sees in the charts, updates on key indicators and any news on our trades.
  • In-Depth Mid-Market Update: You’ll hear from Rick again each afternoon with his analysis of the day’s market activity, insights on any news driving stocks, and updates on open positions.
  • Trade Alerts: Whenever it’s time to close a trade or make a new one, Rick will rush you an alert with specific instructions, including buy and sell prices, target prices and the catalyst that will drive new trades.
  • Instant Alerts by Text Message: In addition to Trade Alert emails, you may also choose to have every alert sent to you by text. All you have to do is provide your mobile number. This valuable service is available at no extra charge.

    *Standard text messaging rates through your cell carrier will apply.

  • Unlimited 24/7 Access to Our Exclusive Subscriber Only Website: You’ll be able to see and track every open trade, access a complete archive of issues of Daily Updates and Trade Alerts, view Rick’s complete track record history and more.

Remember, Momentum Options is all about big, consistent profits from momentum stocks with less risk no matter which way the market is going.