Momentum Options Performance

Section 1. Double- and Triple-Digit Winners in Bull and Bear Markets

Track Record by Year for Momentum Options:

2008: 126-15
2009: 172-64
2010: 60-54
2011: 84-70
2012: 126-68
2013: 89-78
2014: 96-66
2015: 102-51
2016: 104-46
2017: 31-10 (as of May 2017)

Over this time frame, I have given subscribers 295 triple-digit winners, 4 quadruple monsters; an astounding 564 double-digit gainers, and a solid 130 single-digit cash register ringers. The track records are available for you to view at

I started Momentum Options in January 2008, right into the teeth of the financial meltdown.

Some people would call that bad timing. Those people would be wrong.

In 2008, we locked in an incredible 126 winners — 58 for double-digit gains and 64 for triple-digit gains, in addition to a 1,057% gain on Google calls in just 10 trading days.

Here’s a very small sampling of our 2008 profits…

ImClone System calls +700.00%
Anheuser Busch calls +587.50%
Massey Energy calls +490.91%
DryShips calls +433.33%
Patriot Coal calls +407.04%
Citigroup calls +215.79%
Las Vegas Sands calls +194.12%
Barrick Gold calls +168.75%
Ford puts +165.96%
Merrill Lynch puts +225.58%
Fannie Mae puts +215.79%
Merck puts +347.06%
Chipotle puts +400.00%
Wachovia puts +429.41%
AIG puts +866.67%
AutoZone puts +855.56%

Our stellar 2008 returns are proof that you don’t need the market to go up to make money — and a lot of it.

But you don’t need it to go down either. Our strategy of pinpointing stocks with momentum and profiting from that “pop” or “drop” works just as well in a bull or bear market.

Here are just a few of the winners we racked up during the last 2 years…

Galena Biopharma calls +816.67%
Starbucks calls +286.67%
Boston Scientific calls +193.33%
Apollo Group puts +183.33%
Marvell Technology calls +136.36%
BlackBerry calls +130.56%
Mondelez International calls +124.32%
Keryx Biopharmaceuticals calls +121.33%
PowerShares QQQ calls +118.75%
Exact Sciences calls +113.33%
United States Steel puts +337.50%
World Wrestling Entertainment calls +203.13%
Ariad Pharmaceuticals calls +183.33%
iRobot calls +150.00%
MGM Resorts International calls +130.77%
Opko Heatlh calls +130.00%
Jabil Circuit calls +123.08%
Caterpillar puts +119.23%
iShares Russell 2000 calls +114.66%
Alibaba calls +113.04%

THAT’S the real beauty of Momentum Options…we make consistent, market beating profits whether the market is trading up, down or sideways.

Section 2. The Proof is in the Profits

Now, I want to take a minute to talk about something that’s very important to me, and something that you as an investor should demand: transparency.

When I first started to learn the options business, I was appalled quite frankly at some of what I saw.

I came across many so-called options “experts” who weren’t willing to share their track records. I found newsletters that would pad their performance by double or triple counting trades when they were actually selling partial positions.

I vowed that would never be me.

No games. No gimmicks. No smoke and mirrors, here. No brushing a bad trade under the rug (because we all have them!). I’ll show you what I’m doing every step of the way. You’ll never be in the dark.