Momentum Stocks Weekly Strategy

Section 1. A Fool-Proof Investing Plan to Get 10% to 20% Gains in Only One Hour a Week

Since 2011, Momentum Stocks Weekly has helped investors start with as little as $2,000 and – over time – turn it into a steady stream of 10% to 20% wins.

We do it with straightforward stock buying and covered call strategies so safe that you’re encouraged to do them in your retirement account, which is exactly how I started 20 years ago.

Today, I watch hundreds – if not thousands – of potential stocks but only 15 or 20 exceed my strict criteria, which is based on a mix of fundamental and technical analysis.

My criteria for Momentum Stocks Weekly positions is simple to understand:

  • Find stocks that are heating up with momentum that satisfy an investor’s need for growth over the long term
  • Turn up our profit potential by lowering costs with time-tested covered call strategies
  • Protect our investments with simple, effective and conservative options because my money is where my mouth is in Momentum Stocks Weekly

Let me tell you what’s behind our success …

Section 2. Dependable, Double-Digit Returns

During the past two decades I’ve been actively investing, I’ve finely tuned a mix of fundamental and technical analysis to uncover stocks that investors can hold for the long-term. I pair those stocks with complementary covered call opportunities.

I aim to deliver reliable 10% to 20% returns on stocks with very little work on your part.

While I continually keep about 500 stocks on my watch list, only 15 or 20 are good enough to garner a spot in my longer-term portfolio. And I mean my longer-term portfolio, as I’ve got my money to work in the Momentum Stocks Weekly positions right alongside you.

While there are any number of things that could move a stock in the short-term, it takes more research and effort to find the winners that will out-perform to justify our hold times of a year or more in Momentum Stocks Weekly. I make sure that there’s a strong rationale for each new position that can sustain its growth into the months ahead.

Of course, not every stock is going to work out as planned, but that’s where my reliable covered call strategy can come into play.

Section 3. Higher Returns in Any Market

When I first got into the market, I paid a broker a hefty commission because I didn’t think I knew enough to manage my own money. Maybe you think the same thing. Let me tell you, after that broker showed me how he lost my money, I realized I definitely knew at least as much as he did. I would work to gain the rest of the knowledge I needed to make sure my money was safe.

I learned that I had the power to control the money in my retirement account. I wasn’t bound to stick with subpar mutual funds. I could decide which stocks would help me build my future, and so I did. I stayed up nights and all through the weekend watching foreign markets and recognizing the trends that Shanghai, Russia and London had on U.S. stocks.

I learned about bonds, and balance sheets, and biotech drug trials. I researched futures, forex and the Fed. You name it, I studied it – and because I took the time to learn how all of these things affect the stock market, you don’t have to.

Every Monday before the bell rings on Wall Street, I’ll give you the highlights of my insight and make sure you know what could impact your money when you join me at Momentum Stocks Weekly. You’ll discover why I tend to invest in stocks that are $20 or less and my proven method for lowering the cost of buying a stock.

Most importantly, you’ll get my fully-vetted investing recommendations – an average of 3 or 4 each month – so you know exactly when to get in and when to get out.

Section 4. It Really Doesn’t Matter if the Market Goes Up or Down

Everyone is so concerned about where the S&P is going, but what if I told you that you could bank significant returns even if the S&P didn’t do squat this year? It’s not snake oil; it’s just a simple two-part equation for each of my Momentum Stocks Weekly recommendations.

First, I find a stock that is signaling a sustained move over the long-term. The catalyst for the move could be a new product offering, an potential takeover, a turnaround story or maybe because it’s in a breakout sector (sapphire glass, medical records technology and Internet retail are a few that are in play right now).

From there, I make sure the fundamentals check out and then I confirm that the technical analysis supports my outlook. Once I want to pull the trigger on a stock, I let my Momentum Stocks Weekly members know it’s time to take action, and we take the plunge together because I’m not just recommending stocks that they should buy — I buy them myself, too.

Look, there’s no secret sauce. My recommendations are based on good, old-fashioned homework and doing a lot of research. There’s no short cut for hard work – unless, of course, you become a member of Momentum Stocks Weekly.

But what I offer that many others don’t is a reliable, easy and safe way to lower the cost of almost every stock you buy. Let me know if you’re interested in learning how you can do it, too.

Section 5. 1 Hour a Week to Get Double-Digit Gains Again and Again

It may take me 100 hours of research to find one stock that’s good enough to earn my confidence. But you only need to spend one hour a week reading the Momentum Stocks Weekly investing plan I send each Monday to reap the benefits.

I know Momentum Stocks Weekly works because it’s how I invest my own money. I quit my job years ago because I didn’t need it anymore, and I’ve spent the time since offering people just like you simple and successful investing help from someone who has been there.

I’m not promising that you’ll be able to retire at age 37 like me, but I can promise that I’ll show you how I’ve gotten consistent double-digit returns since 2011.

To prove it to you, before you even give me one cent, I want to make sure you get an honest look at one of my proven tactics for increasing your profits. Get a free copy of my brand-new guide, The Secret Strategy to Buy Stocks for Less.