SMS Terms & Conditions : Momentum Options

SMS Terms & Conditions

By providing your mobile/cellphone number to InvestorPlace, you’re agreeing to receive text alerts from Momentum Options. InvestorPlace does not charge any extra fees for Momentum Options subscribers to sign up for and receive Momentum Options text alerts. However, subscribers may be charged by their wireless provider, as set forth in their wireless provider’s contract, for messages delivered to their wireless devices. You agree to pay any and all text-messaging costs charged by your wireless provider associated with this text-alert service. Please contact your wireless provider if you have questions regarding your SMS (text-messaging) service. InvestorPlace Media is not responsible for subscribers’ text-messaging costs as a result of the use of this text-alert service.

Any text-messaging fees charged by your wireless provider are not included in the Momentum Options subscription price and therefore cannot and will not be reimbursed to you by InvestorPlace Media. You may cancel this text-alert service at any time.

InvestorPlace Media, LLC and its associates cannot provide research in real time. InvestorPlace Media, LLC and its associates are not responsible or liable for delays or failed delivery of any communications via e-mail, text message, website or other avenues.

Our number is 24587, so ensure that your carrier removes all blocks for that number.

For further assistance, please email Customer Service or call 800-211-7658.

If you’re already signed up for text alerts and would like to unsubscribe from our SMS distribution, simply reply to any of our text messages with the word “STOP”. Doing so will cancel all text message services from any InvestorPlace Media newsletters you currently receive.

If you would like to unsubscribe from just one service’s text message without affecting the others you receive, or if you decide that you would like to rejoin our text alert distribution, you can do so at any time. Simply call our customer service department at 800-211-7658, and they will be happy to assist you.

**You can find your account number located at the bottom of any e-mail from Momentum Options.