Rick Rouse is a seasoned options analyst with a proven track record that’s second to none.

At 16, he worked in a clothing store where they never sold any suits, but the owner had plenty of money and was always reading The Wall Street Journal. Determined to learn how to invest, Rick saved up $10,000, did his research and walked into the local Merrill Lynch office with his stock picks in hand. He told the broker he wanted to invest in Blockbuster, Chrysler and Tommy Hilfiger. The Merrill Lynch broker told him his picks were bad ideas and steered him into three other stocks.

A year later, Rick had lost $1,000 on the broker’s picks, and the stocks he originally intended to buy had doubled.

He knew right then and there that he could manage his own money better than anyone else. So, after working from midnight to 8 a.m., he’d come home to watch the market and trade.

When a penny stock company paid for Rick to take the Series 7 exam, he jumped at the chance. But he missed passing the exam by one question. All of the questions he missed pertained to options—something he had never learned about before. So Rick devoured every options trading manual, course, and book he could get his hands on, comparing techniques and teaching himself charting and technical analysis.

The company offered to pay for him to take the Series 7 exam again, but by then he knew he didn’t want to spend his days churning out penny stock recommendations.

Instead, he wanted to help individual investors understand and profit from his true passion—options investing. After popular stints writing for websites like Bullmarket.com and Optionsmentor.com, he decided to strike out on his own.

Since then, Rick has helped his readers make money in every type of market, from the 2008 market plunge to 2016’s range-bound market. Along the way, Momentum Options has delivered a huge 70% winning trade percentage that’s one of the best in the business.

Rick lives in a quiet town in southern Virginia far away from the greed and games of Wall Street. He doesn’t do CNBC interviews. And he doesn’t hawk some black box trading software that will cost you five figures to use.

He spends his days (and his nights and weekends!) studying the market, analyzing charts and bringing investors like you simple, easy to follow options trades that help you make money no matter which way the market winds are blowing.

In fact, he’s working on new trade now.