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Here is a look at our top 2018 winners with our win rate at 72%:

+342% American Airlines (AAL) put options

+225% Boston Scientific (BSX) call options

+243% CVS (CVS) call options

+195% Sony (SNE) call options

+132 Marvell Technology (MRVL) put options

+78% Viavi Systems (VIAV) calls

+70% CVS (CVS) call options

+67% Flex (FLEX) call options

+48% Intel (INTC) call options

+46% Progenics Pharmaceuticals (PGNX) calls

+45% Oracle (ORCL) call options

+43% Boston Scientific (BSX) call options

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We have a 70% win rate for over 1,000 option trades and we have included some highlights. Our top winning recommendations in 2017 were mind-boggling to say the least:

+378% Intel (INTC) call options

+359% Limelight Networks (LLNW) call options

+309% 3D Systems (DDD) put options

+240% Viava Systems (VIAV) call options

+200% Imax (IMAX) put options

+200% Alcoa (AA) call options

+200% Cisco Systems (CSCO) call options

+123% Chemours (CC) put options

+120% Amicus Therapeutics (FOLD) call options

+100% Tower Semiconductor (TSEM call options

+100% Green Dot (GDOT) call options

+88% Flex (FLEX) call options

+87% Bank of America call options

+83% Bank of America call options

+79% Imax (IMAX) put options

+78% Viava Systems (VIAV) call options

+78% Flex (FLEX) call options

+75% Viava Systems (VIAV) call options

+71% Rambus (RMBS) call options

Below is the link for 10-year track records and I have enclosed 2018 spreadsheet for you to review.

2008-2019 Track Records


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Rick Rouse



As you can see, year in and year out, I deliver incredible options trades at prices under $1.00! I hope to see you at the opening bell, so make sure you signup for a continuing explosive moving market for the rest of 2018 with plenty of volatility.