The Secret Of The Forbidden Numbers

Dear Investor,

I number of you have written me over the years and have asked me about other investments strategies I use and safer alternatives to option trading. While directional option trading is my passion, I always mention it should only be done with play money, or money you can afford to lose. Your more solid investments, to make your money grow over longer time frames, should be used with your safer money.

I have written and worked for a number of newsletters before starting 10 years ago and one of best teachers was my good friend Todd Mitchell. He owns Trading Concepts has been in the business longer than I have while also mentoring ten of thousands of more students. I worked for him for three years before launching Momentum Options with his highest blessings.

Well, now I’m back working with Todd and I can’t tell you how excited I am to share some of the same techniques he taught me. I need to share a very profitable secret with you so let me get to the point.

A secret more closely guarded than Area 51…

It’s a set of three forbidden numbers.

0.95 1.5 And… 0.66

If you’d invested just $10,000 with them back in 2010 – you’d be sitting on $2.99 million today! A stunning 109.66% average annual return.

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It does this without any crazy leverage, penny stocks, forex, futures OR any risky securities that could wipe out your account.

It focuses entirely on well known Blue Chip stocks.

While the S&P 500 has plunged by 9.6%… 11%… and even 16% on two separate occasions – this strategy has never been down by more than 8%.

Now you can discover how it works – 100% for free.

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Please enjoy the video and look for more exciting emails throughout the week. I’m excited to bring you this new partnership with Todd and Trading Concepts.

Rick Rouse
Editor and Chief Options Strategist