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With its tight margins and the number of chains competing in the sector, the grocery business is very competitive. Kroger (KR, $31.30, down $1.37) has become a top-five chain, for the most part, and the company is scheduled to announce earnings ahead of Friday’s opening bell.

Before I cover the fundamentals, the chart looks nasty, as all of the major moving averages are in a downtrend. Resistance is now at $31.50-$32 given today’s pullback. Short-term support is at $31-$30.50. Today’s 52-week low has tapped $31.10, and there is risk to the mid- to high $20 range if earnings come in shy of expectations or if the company issues lowered guidance.

KR has topped estimates during the past four quarters by $0.01, $0.03 and $0.04 twice, respectively. However, revenues came up short of forecasts during the past three quarters and just met expectations in the year-ago quarter.

Wall Street has penciled in a profit of $0.45 a share for the recently ended quarter and is looking for revenue to come in just under $26.8 billion. The high estimate is at $0.47 a share on $27.57 billion in revenue, while the lowball number is at $0.44 on revenue of $26.33 billion.

My guess is that the company will do its best to at least match expectations, or it could beat estimates by a penny. However, I think the trend of missing revenues could hurt Kroger this time around, which could send shares to fresh 52-week lows south of $30.

I have mostly stayed long over the summer by using call options, but I had no problem adding this “short” position when I saw the potential for lower lows to come into play.

A quick look at the market shows that the Dow is down 35 points to 18,502, while the S&P 500 is lower by 3 points to 2,182. The Nasdaq is slipping 3 points to 5,272, and the Russell 2000 is up 2 points to 1,255.

I have updated our current trades below, and I also have another Profit Alert for our position in T-Mobile (TMUS), so let’s go check out the action.

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All prices given in this update are current as of 1:20 p.m. EST.

I hereby disclose that I will be participating in the following trade(s).


T-Mobile (TMUS, $46.67, down $0.54)

TMUS October 48 calls (TMUS161021C00048000, $1.05, down $0.18)

Entry Price: $1.00 (9/1/2016)

Exit Target: $2.00

Return: 5%

Stop Target: $1.05 (Stop Limit)

Action: The Stop Limit at $1.05 was triggered this morning, as shares traded to a low of $46.44 today, and we are now out of the position.


Kroger (KR, $31.30, down $1.37)

KR October 30 puts (KR161021P00030000, $0.80, up $0.40)

Entry Price: $0.78 (9/7/2016)

Exit Target: $1.60

Return: 3%

Stop Target: None

Action: The Exit Target for the trade is at $1.60, but it is not a Limit Order at this time. There is no Stop Target at this time.

Support is at $31-$30.50 on continued weakness. Resistance is at $31.50-$32.


Vuzix (VUZI, $8.95, down $0.05)

VUZI October 10 calls (VUZI161021C00010000, $0.75, up $0.05)

Entry Price: $0.68 (9/7/2016)

Exit Target: $1.40

Return: 10%

Stop Target: None


VUZI October 7.50 calls (VUZI161021C00007500, $1.90, up $0.11)

Entry Price: $0.95 (8/23/2016)

Exit Target: $2.50

Return: 100%

Stop Target: $1.40 (Stop Limit)

Action: Today’s high has reached $9.18. Resistance is at $9-$9.25. The 52-week peak is at $9.30. My near-term price target is $10+. Support is at $8.75-$8.50.


Sotheby’s (BID, $40.12, down $0.07)

BID October 37 puts (BID161021P00037000, $0.94, up $0.08)

Entry Price: $1.05 (9/1/2016)

Exit Target: $2.10

Return: -10%

Stop Target: None

Action: Support is at $39.50-$39. Resistance is at $40-$40.25.


Nucor (NUE, $49.78, up $0.20)

NUE October 52.50 calls (NUE161021C00052500, $0.55, flat)

Entry Price: $0.63 (8/25/2016)

Exit Target: $1.30

Return: -13%

Stop Target: $0.30 (Stop Limit)

Action: Resistance is at $50-$50.25 and the 100-day moving average. Support is at $48.50-$48.


Viavi Solutions (VIAV, $7.85, up $0.03)

VIAV December 8 calls (VIAV161216C00008000, $0.49, up $0.01)

Entry Price: $0.51 (8/19/2016)

Exit Target: $1.05

Return: -4%

Stop Target: None

Action: Support is at $7.75-$7.50. Resistance is at $8.

Trade on!

Rick Rouse
Editor and Chief Options Strategist
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