12:35pm (EST)

Unlike most people, we love Monday’s as it represents a fresh week and a new start as the market reopens for trading.  While we do enjoy our weekends, our Sunday’s are spent researching the market, drawing charts, and looking for new trade ideas.

We often stay up until 3am Monday morning and wake at 8 as we like to watch the European markets open and to get an update on the top stories.  Although Wall Street isn’t open, the futures markets is often a good tell on how the day might play out.  The rest of our week is spent studying until 2am and waking up at 7am while keeping an eye on the market from dusk ’til dawn.

It may seem boring to most Wall Street pros but we love doing the research as they can lead to mind-boggling paydays.  It is hard to make money without chart work and homework but you have to be dedicated and educated to make smart decisions.

Some of the stories we have uncovered over the years have been amazing but we are giddy as all get out today as we have two current trades that are up over 800% and 250%, respectively.

We aren’t sure if how many of the suit-and-ties read our research but some do as we seem to be caught up in a Price Target war with a few analysts that work on the Street.

We have been covering shares of a small biotech company for a couple of years and after languishing in the $2’s for months, shares started to move and we told our subscribers in the Weekly Wrap this stock could double.

As shares surged from $3 to $4 to $5 we upped our Price Target to $7 in December.  Analysts started coverage of last month with a number of upgrades and Price Targets at $6-$7.

Last week, one brokerage firm raised their Price Target to $9.  We liked the upgrade as shares surged past $6 on the news but we wanted to do some chart work to see if there was a possibility shares could trip $10.

We also wanted to do further research on the fundamentals of the company and both of our analysis showed a pop to double-digits could come on continued momentum.

We then upped our Price Target in our Weekly Wrap to $10 as our stock trade was up 200% and the option trade for our Daily was up over 700%.  Today, shares have surged past $7 to a high of $7.60 after another Price Target raise from $7 to $10.

The company also announced it was making an acquisition this morning.

The positive flow of news has now pushed our option trade up to an 817% return for our January call options and 250% on our February call options.  We are locking-in the remaining quarter position on the January trade as these option expire on Friday.

We still have the February calls to play a possible move to double-digits for our Daily and we are standing pat on our Weekly Wrap position.  We will raise the Stop Limits we have on our remaining positions but for now let’s go check the tape.

As we head to press, the Dow is down 22 points to 16,414 while the S&P 500 is lower by 2 points to 1,840.  The Nasdaq is up a half-point to 4,175 and a close above this level would be bullish.

Subscribers, check the Members Area for the updates as we also have a New Trade along with some chart work from the weekend.  We could also have additional New Trades or Profit Alert so stay locked-and-loaded into the close.