12:25pm (EST)

The bears pushed support at the open but the bulls have battled back off the lows as we head into the second half of trading.  We expected another choppy session today and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a flat ending as we head into the weekend.  The zombies will be meeting at 3pm (EST) and there will only be an hour left before Wall Street closes and traders will be taking positions on hopes their will be a vote Sunday night to avert the Fiscal Cliff.

While we could make points for a deal getting done or not, all we really care about is the market.  We don’t believe there will be a Hollywood ending on Monday but the zombies could surprise everyone with something although we doubt it will be enough.  The warning signs we have been watching for are giving bearish signals but we have been in this type of environment before and the reality is we are still in a trading range.

The talking heads and slick talking pros react to what is happening with the present and they are bullish or bearish on any given day.  However, the real money is made when you can predict where the market will be in 1-2 months.  There are still some charts and headlines that need to play out over the next week or two and we will need to be patient but there will be a major move in the market over the next 4-6 weeks.

At this point, it is hard to say how Monday plays out but we have mentioned the last trading day of the year has been nasty in recent years and have favored the bears.  The market will be closed on Tuesday and the follow through on Wednesday could set the stage on if we play call or put options into February or March. 

We have recommended over 200 trades for 2012 with over a 70% win rate and as we wind down our portfolio that are some exciting stories we are watching for 2013.  There are a few takeover candidates we are currently playing, an earnings trade, and a fundamental trade on a stock that is single-digits that is ready to pop past $10 any day now. 

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As far as the market, the Dow is down 54 points to 13,041 while the S&P is lower by 5 points to 1,413.  The Nasdaq is off 5 points to 2,981.  The final hour could be exciting so let’s go check our current trades to see where we are at.  There could also be a late day Trade Alert so stay with us until the market closes. 

We will be back Monday morning with our next full update and until then, have a great weekend everyone!  (And be sure to hit us up on our 1-year deal).