We aren’t sure what time the world is suppose to end today but Wall Street must feel like it has already started following the nasty losses the indexes have seen today.  The first layer of support was wiped out at the open and the bears are going for the second layer by the close.

We will save the political talk for the weekend because we hate writing about the zombies but we are excited about the current volatility.

Some of you may recall the massive price swings the markets made in 2008 and we have been warning for a couple of weeks volatility could be picking up.  With the knuckleheads officially out until after Christmas, the only way we see a deal getting done is if the head zombies from both sides get together over the weekend to hammer out a deal.

We doubt that happens because the hatred between the two men is clearly visible.  We think it’s a joke and it’s remarkable America can’t fire politicians for not doing their JOB.

At any rate, we have managed to block out the noise and all we care about is what the market does.  If we have to pay higher taxes, or wait 10 years to tap social security, or work until we are 80, so be it.  We love our jobs and we must admit, the zombies are creating some incredible trading opportunities for us.

If you have never played a volatile and down trending market, do not get nervous and do not get scared.  You can make just as much money in these types of markets as you can in up markets.  The Dow can drop 800 points on any given day and it can jump 500 points based on economic and political headlines and although we doubt things get this crazy, they could. 

Take some time to look at our Track Records not only from this year but in 2008 and others as well.  You will see gains of up to 800%, 400%, 500% on highly volatile stocks as the options we recommended made our subscribers a lot of money.  We still have members who support us since they joined us 5-years ago and this is the point we wanted to make today.  Trading is for the long haul so it is important to stay in the market at all times.

Most investors bail on the market when it is breaking down like a rented mule but if you learn how to harness volatility you will be better prepared to profit instead of panicking.

We are closing in on our 5th-straight profitable year of trading and we appreciate all of the support.  We will have some final numbers for you at the end of the month but as we approach a 1,000 official recommended trades, we are still above a 70% success rate which is remarkable in the option trading world.

We seriously doubt any option newsletter had the type of success our subscribers have had and we don’t pull any punches.  We don’t count closed half trades twice or add to losing positions and count them as one.  We have a Track Record that is posted for all of our trades, good and bad, for every year and most services DON’T post their results.  We also take the trades we recommend.

We have heard all of the horror stories about option trading but we do our homework and we have a dedicated Editor-in-Chief who has been writing about and trading stocks and options for over 20 years.  He works 80-100 a week, every week.  No joke.  People who aren’t successful trading options don’t do the homework or chart work which is why they fail.  Of course, you have us but we want to teach you how to be a better trader and how it is important to keep up with the market every single day. 

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As far as the market, the Dow is down 154 points to 13,152 while the S&P 500 is lower by 18 points to 1,425.  The Nasdaq is getting punished for 43 points and was last seen at 3,007.  The good news for the bulls is that they are still winning the week and they are trying to hold 13,200; 1,425; 3,000 into the close. 

We are in good shape as our portfolio is getting lighter to play the next breakout or breakdown and January could be one of the best months ever to play the volatility that is coming Wall Street’s way.

We will be back Sunday night with the Weekly Wrap and Monday morning with the Daily.  Until then, have a great weekend everyone!