12:30pm (EST)

There are a few clues we are looking for with today’s close and we talked about them at the beginning of the week as far as what we wanted to see.  Despite yesterday’s pullback, the major indexes are still showing a gain for the week if current prices hold so this is bullish. 

It appears the White House was empty following the meeting last night between the top two head zombies who met for about an hour.  The hallways were a ghost town as no deal was worked out and there were no plans to work the weekend.  It is also encouraging to know that the President is scheduled to fly to Hawaii the week after next so if no Fiscal Cliff deal is done by next Friday, the odds go up to 70% the zombies push America off the Cliff.  Maybe he will consult with the Choom Gang on what he can do to get a deal done. 

As far as stocks, two we wanted to cover today are SolarCity (SCTY, $12.09, up $0.30) and Boston Beer Company (SAM, $131.66, down $0.28).

SolarCity soared to a high of $12.70 yesterday and was at $10.37 during our midday update.  Shares have kissed $13 today.  It would have been nice to make 20% in a few hours yesterday by trading the hype but we don’t know Jack about the company except Tesla Motors’ (TSLA, $33.66, up $0.05) CEO, Elon Musk, is a big backer and on the board.  We will do some digging on the company to see what goodies we can find and we will watch for when the options debut.  In the meantime, we continue to watch First Solar (FSLR, $32.64, up $0.87) as the stock has made a tremendous bounce off its 52-week low of $11.43.  Shares are setting up for a nice possible option trade. 

As far as Sammy, Boston Beer popped 15% yesterday to lifetime highs.  We wished we had started the Weekly Wrap back in 2009 because it has always been a favorite stock of ours.  We purchased the stock back in December 2009 for the office because A) we love the artwork on some of the stock certificates and they are cheaper than a Picasso, B) we did the research and decided it would be a great long-term holding and C) after Budweiser sold itself to a foreign investor, we had to go with the best American Beer company in the land to show our support. 


Our purchase price for SAM was in the low $40’s and with yesterday’s pop, we are up a spiffy 214%.  We also have artwork on eBay (EBAY, $50.76, down $0.26), Harley-Davidson (HOG, $48.32, $0.47) and Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares (BKB.B $89.46, up $0.02) and these are the 4-Horseman for the backbone of our personal portfolio

We still like all of these stocks at current levels for the next 2-3 years. 

And drumroll please…

We have gone through our numbers from last weekend’s promotion for the new iPad and thanks to everyone for their picks.  The Dow closed last Friday at 13,155.13.

We will start with the lowest bid and it was 12,500.01.  The high guesstimate was 13,995.00.  Our closing price for the last trading day of the year is 13,777.77. 

One of these two subscribers will win if we see Dow 14,000 or anything under 12,500 on the last trading day of the year and good luck to all on anything in between.

As we head into the second half of trading, the Dow is down 7 points to 13,163 and needs to finish above 13,155 to end the week with a gain.  The S&P 500 is lower by 3 points to 1,416 and will need and will need to climb back above 1,418 to end the week green.  The Nasdaq is off 10 points to 2,981.  We said to watch 2,975 this morning and it will be crucial the bulls hold this level.  Last Friday’s close for Tech was 2,978.

We have a lot to cover inside our Members Area on the 2 new trades we released this morning and the 20% profit we took in our American Express (AXP, $56.88, down $0.84) trade.  Subscribers, check the Members Area for the updates and we will be back on Sunday night with the Weekly Wrap and Monday morning with the Daily. 

Until then, have a great weekend everyone!