10:30pm (EST)

We have profits to take in 2 more trades today.  We were hoping to hit triple-digit gains on both of them but today’s market pop as knocked us out of the other half of these positions.  We locked-in profits earlier this week on both put options and we have a carry-over trade already set-up for one of them so let’s ring the register before the weekend hits.

The trades made our subscribers 67% and 44% and yesterday we were able to close a Concur Technologies (CNQR, $63.07, down $1.64) put option trade for 80% gains earlier this week. 

We were expecting a slight rebound today for the major indexes, not a 2% surge, but we still feel resistance will hold.  However, given the recent volatility, we need to stick to our trading plan while we continue to navigate these choppy waters.

Subscribers, check the Members Area for the updates and we will be in a couple hours with our afternoon thoughts.