12:45pm (EST)

The bears were going for a clean sweep this week but the bulls are pushing resistance, which was prior support, as they try to snap a week-long losing streak.  

Much of the action can be attributed to JPMorgan Chase (JPM, $36.15, up $2.11) and Well Fargo’s (WFC, $33.96, up $1.11) earnings which we didn’t find impressive but Wall Street did.  We said the over/under would be $4 billion on JP’s Whale trade and the loss was $4.4 billion.  We haven’t listened to the conference call, yet, but we will this weekend.  Apparently, there are a lot of smoke-and-mirrors with the earnings report, including language translators, so we aren’t sure what to think.  JP makes a lot of money and we like the company but there just seems to be too many headline risks at the moment to make the stock a “safe” investment.

The Dow is surging 170 points to 12,744 and is pushing resistance just under 12,800 which was prior support.  The S&P is up 18 points to 1,353 and is dancing around the 1,350 level.  The Nasdaq is showing a 36 point pop and is at 2,902 and is teetering around the 2,900 level.

Next week should be super exciting as we have a number of events unfolding that could propel the market back to the top of its trading range or a continued selloff could resume. 

Earnings season will shift into second gear and it will also be option expiration week which should bring added volatility.  We have witnessed incredible price swings as the Dow has swing-traded a couple of hundred points, or 2%, intraday this week.  Some of the heavy-hitters stepping up to the plate next week could produce the same volatility.

One day doesn’t make a trend and we expected a back test at some point for the market.  We have been doing some early research on how next week might unfold and we talk a little about this in the Members Area today.

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We will be back Sunday night with our Weekly Wrap which is 20-0 for the year.  We could be 22-0 by next Friday.  Our next issue of the Daily will be published Monday morning.  Until then, everyone have a great weekend!