Wall Street Notes…

Apple (AAPL, $610.71, up $50.43) is soaring today and the WEEKLY April 600 calls (AAPL120427C00600000, $13.15, up $9.80) are up a stunning 300%.  Even more impressive, the calls traded to a high of $19.70 after opening at $17.75.  They closed yesterday at $3.35.  If you got out at the open, you made upwards of 500%.

Caterpillar (CAT, $102.86, down $5.54) is down 5% and is holding the Dow back 40 points.  The company beat on earnings but missed on revenues.  If CAT was flat, the Dow would be up triple-digits.    

First Solar (FSLR, $18.10, down $0.54) continues to hit new 52-week and all-time lows after falling through its 2006 IPO price of $20.  We have been talking about the tumble shares could take and have been telling our subscribers this could be a single-digit stock in a few months.  The stock has fallen so hard that it is in danger of getting booted from the S&P 500. 

Ben Bernanke is schedule to speak around 2pm so let’s see how things shake out into the close.

As we head to press, the Dow is up 46 points to 13,047 while the S&P is higher by 13 points to 1,385.  The Nasdaq is showing a 55 point pop and is at 3,017.              

We have been super busy today so we have to cut it short as we want to get our subscribers into our Members Area to talk about our NEW and current trades.

We will be back in the AM will a full briefing.