1:00pm (EST)

The market got a huge pop at the open as the Dow tripped 13,000 on better-than-expected earnings from a couple of blue-chippers and the rally has strengthed as we head into the second half of trading. 

As far as economic news, Housing Starts were a little disappointing as they fell 5.8% versus expectations for a 1% rise but Building Permits rose 4.5% to 747,000.  Wall Street had forecast a drop to 710,000, or 0.7%.

Goldman Sachs (GS, $118.34, up $1.00) is trading higher after beating expectations and pumping up the dividend.  The company reported a profit of $2.1 billion, or $3.92 a share.  The suit-and-ties were looking for $3.55 a share.

Golden Slacks has gotten a bloody nose from all the recent negative publicity but the firm continues to battle.  A rising tide often lifts all boats and in this case the Financial stocks are following Goldman’s lead.  Also enjoying sweet pops are JPMorgan (JPM, $43.85, up $0.52), Citigroup (C, $35.28, up $1.28) and Bank of America (BAC, $9.87, up $0.18).

Speaking of BAC, we are on track to close out 3 more winners for our Weekly Wrap and our current covered call on BAC is set to return us 26%.  We started taking positions in Bank of America when shares were at 5 bucks back in December and our first BAC returned 20% earlier this year.  If you haven’t discovered the magic of writing covered calls on solid stocks with the potential of making monthly double-digit gains than we urge you to get interested.  Remember, it only takes 5 winning trades of 20% to make a 100% or double your money.

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As we head to press, the Dow is up 200 points to 13,121 while the S&P 500 is higher by 21 points to 1,390.  The Nasdaq is up double-nickels to 3,043.  Subscribers, you know what to do but stay lock-and-loaded on a possible NEW TRADES if we see something we like before the close as we have updated our Watch List.