12:30pm (EST)

We have been super busy today as we have expected some sort of snap-back rally.

The good news is the move lower on Monday and Tuesday pushed a lot of our current trades near triple-digit profits.  We did a lot of research last night (as usual) and the even better news is that today’s bounce is allowing us to get into another batch of new trades.

We don’t have too much time for commentary so let’s take a look at the numbers real quick.

The Dow is up 88 points to 12,804 while the S&P is higher by 11 points to 1,370.  The Nasdaq is showing a 28 point pop and is at 3,020.

After closing 8 put option trades for sweet gains earlier this morning, we have 3 NEW TRADES we are releasing right now.  We think all of them could hit triple-digit returns over the next 3-4 weeks so come get some.

Subscribers, check the Members Area for the updates and we will be back in the morning with a full briefing.