11:45pm (EST)

1.  Market Summary 

2.  Pepsico (PEP) – Sleeping Giant Waiting to Erupt            

3.  Trading Course Video Review  

4.  Earnings 

5.  Weekly Wrap Portfolio Update 

6.  Week Ahead

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3Trading Course Video Review

We have 2 videos for those of you who have ordered our Trading Course, How to Trade options on Momentum Stocks.

The first video will cover the major averages and provide a closer look at the indexes and the futures market.  We will also show you which options to use on a breakout or breakdown in the major indexes over the next few weeks.

The second will cover upcoming 3Q earnings and how to find trades.  We will also go over a few trades on our Watch List that will come out in the Daily on Monday.  We will also show you a possible LEAP option trade and we will cover WEEKLY options for the companies that are reporting this week.

These videos will be done over the next few hours so they will be coming out really late.  However, they will be ready by 8am on Monday so get up early to watch the show!  To read more about our option course, please click here.

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If you are not a subscriber but would like to read more and check our chart work for the Dow, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq please click here.  We are expecting a busy and volatile week and we could release NEW Trade Alerts as soon as Monday morning.  Sign-up now and receive access instantly!