1:00pm (EST)

After a decent start, the market has given back all of its gains and is slightly negative for the session.  Oil, gold and silver are up; the dollar is weaker while the euro is higher.  This has led to mixed emotions with the bulls trying to recover from yesterday’s losses while the bears continue to apply the pressure.  

The bulls got some good news from the housing sector as New Home Sales for April increased over 7% to 323,000 units, which was better than the 300,000 units that had been penciled in.  KB Home (KBH, $11.43, down $0.01) and PulteGroup (PHM, $7.60, up $0.07) got a little pop on the news but are basically flat for the session.  One of these days (or years) these two stocks will be a “Buy” but not until the housing market is on its own two feet.

The Dow is down 11 points to 12,369 after trading to a high of 12,422.  We are still looking for the 12,350 level to hold and if the bulls can rally into the close then we should see a continued rebound for the rest of the week.

The S&P is lower by 2 points to 1,315 but has traded to a high of 1,323.  We mentioned this morning we were looking for a push back above 1,325 but the bulls will need to hold current levels or risk a test down to 1,300.

The Nasdaq is off by 10 points to 2,749 and just below our downside target of 2,750.  A close below this level would not be good, mentally, for the bulls.  Tech has traded to a high of 2,767 and will need a run back towards 2,800 to keep the pressure on the bears.

In IPO news, Yandex (YNDX, $35.00, up $10.00) is up 40% after making its debut this morning.  The company is Russia’s most popular search engine and, coincidently, the largest U.S. initial public offering in the Internet sector since Google (GOOG, $519.61, up $1.22).

The intense demand for Yandex comes just a week after LinkedIn (LNKD, $88.80, up $0.50) went public.  Yandex took in over $1.3 billion in its offering by selling a little over 50 million shares for $25 each.  The deal values the overall company at about $8 billion. 

Yandex’s could be a company to watch going forward, unlike some of the Chinese Internet companies, because they have a strong business model being driven by online advertising.

Of course, we will wait for the options to come out before we get serious about trading Yandex and we are hearing LinkedIn options will start to trade this week or next.  Stay tuned…

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We will be back in the morning with a full update.