2:45pm (EST)

We have just updated our closed trades for 2011.  You can request our current track record by sending us an email. 

In mid-October 2010, we turned VERY bullish on the market and closed the year with 13 out of 17 winning option trades for our subscribers.  After a five -month trading range, we said the breakout or breakdown was going to jaw-dropping and it has been.

We used that momentum over the holidays to establish even more positions and recently closed 7-out-of-8 winning trades.  In other words, our subscribers have enjoyed 20 winners gainst 5 losers, or an 80% win rate for the last 4 months.  

Six of those trade have been for triple-digit profits (+141%, +170%, +114%, +182%, +150%, +125%). 

We have offered a special deal on our option trading manual for this weekend only.  The response has been overwhelming.

We want you on board so if you have any questions, email us.