1:20pm (EST)

The Dow started the week at 11,787 and is currently up 37 points to 11,859.  The index has traded to a high of 11,905 and could push 12,000 over the next week or two.

The S&P 500 was at 1,293 before the open on Monday and is currently up 4 points to 1,284.  We are still looking for the index to crack 1,300.

The Nasdaq ended last Friday at 2,755 and has been weak all week.  The index got a nice pop at the open but is currently down 5 points to 2,699.

Although earnings have slacked for some companies, the majority of them have been positive and we think there will be some bargain hunting over the next few weeks in some of the beaten down Tech names.  The market is shaking a few traders out this week as people are probably going to expect a continued pullback.

We aren’t.  We think the bulls can push new highs over the next month or two.  Of course, that could change in a New York minute but the bears will have a lot of layers of support to break through before the trend changes.

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