5:30pm (EST)

1.  Market Summary

2.  Biodel Update (BIOD) – Time to Shine     

3.  Pfizer (PFE) – The Sky is the Limit

4.  Earnings – Let’s Get Ready To Roll…

5.  Weekly Wrap Portfolio Update  

6.  Week Ahead

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1. Market Summary

The first week back was a successful one for the bulls as used the momentum from the end of 2010 to carry them into the New Year.  The market set new highs in the process and all signs are pointing towards a continued run while the bears hibernate through the winter.  Although there will be pullback, there are numerous support levels that will help keep any attacks by the bears in check as the bulls push towards nice round numbers for the major indexes…

To read the rest of our Weekly Wrap, please log in to the Members Area for full accessAlso, we have updated our current 2011 portfolio which is showing strong gains after the first week of January.