12:20pm (EST)

The market started off in positive territory but has given up most of its gains as we heads towards the second half of trading.  There is a lot going on that is causing a little volatility but for the most part, the market is holding up well.

Oil is down $2 to under $90 a barrel but appears to be going to $100 which would be bad for consumers.

Gold is down nearly $40 to $1,383/ ounce, while Silver is off over $1 to just under $30/ ounce.

As a result, the Dow is lower by 3 points to 11,667 while the S&P 500 is down by 5 points to 1,266.  The Nasdaq is down 18 points to 2,673.

We have a lot to talk about in our Members Area so we are short on time.  We have 2 NEW TRADES opening and we are closing our first profitable trade for 2011.  Subscribers, check for the important updates.

We will be back Wednesday morning with a full update.