Special Update for 1/1/11

7:00pm (EST)

Folks, we have received a lot of emails asking to extend our special offer for our options trading manual through the weekend while some of you make your investment decisions for 2011.

In our trading manual, How to Trade Options on Momentum Stocks, we show you how to read charts and find option trades.  Remember, you only need a 5% move in a stock price to make a 100+% return on the right call or put option but you also need to figure out where the market is going.  By learning support and resistance lines for the market and stocks, you will have a better understanding on how options can make you a tremendous amount of wealth.

We believe once you read and learn, and watch our ongoing videos, you will know what is going on with the market and all of our trades.  You will be able to make trades more confidently. 

As we head into 2011, we think there will be more incredible trading opportunities as the market volatility intensifies.  If you thought 2010 was a crazy year for price swings, wait until you see 2011.  It is going to be awesome!

We truly believe this and you will have until Sunday night at midnight to get this $599 value for free.  If you want to learn more, read the About Us page which has been freshly updated on our website.  All you have to do to get our option trading manual is subscribe to a 1-year membership to our Weekly or Daily newsletter. 

As Donna Summer likes to say…”Last Chance”…