9:00am (EST)

We have a lot going on inside our Members Area so here are the quick hits this morning:

The Dow managed to tack on 10 points and closed at 11,585 after trading to a high of 11,625.  We were a little disappointed the index couldn’t close above 11,600 but the bulls at least huffed and puffed and blew the bears door down. 

The S&P 500 added a little over a point and finished at 1,259 after breaking through short-term resistance which was at 1,260.  The index battled this level all last week and traded to a high of 1,262.

The Nasdaq added 4 points and settled at 2,667 and is battling slight resistance at 2,670.  We are still looking for a close above 2,700 by Friday so it will be close.

We will back in a few hours with the latest news. Subscribers, check for the trade updates.