1:10pm (EST)

We were a little nervous heading in to today’s unemployment numbers because the market was in overdrive and we had a sneaky feeling we could get a surprise or a “curveball” as we told our subscribers inside our Members Area yesterday.  However, the trend has been too strong and the tape has been an easy read which is why we said the bulls could continue to push the major indexes higher.  

Despite a disappointing jobs report, the bears have been unable to hold the bulls down as they made a break into positive territory shortly after the open.

The number of nonfarm payrolls rose to 39,000 in November which was a huge shock as many of the suit-and-ties had penciled in a jump to 168,000.  Private payrolls increased to 50,000 while the unemployment rate came in at 9.8%.  The experts had expected the rate to come in at 9.7%. 

Elsewhere, the ISM non-manufacturing index printed 55.0 for November which was in-line with estimates.  And finally, Factory orders fell 0.9% in October, versus calls for a 0.8% decline.

As we head to press, the Dow is down 22 points to 11,340 while the S&P is down 3 to 1,219.  The Nasdaq is slightly up 2 points to 2,581.

Next week will likely be volatile and we always run the risk of a weekend headline putting the market’s panties in a knot.  Geopolitical tensions remain high but the world is all about money right now.  Every country is trying to get their house in order and many are making big bets (including ours) to jump start the economy.  Will it work?  We don’t know but we are going to ride the bulls back until support levels are broken.

On that note, we wanted to give you a brief update on the Weekly Wrap and the exciting new changes we have planned.  As many of you know, we use the newsletter to cover different sectors and companies, and we usually provide an opinion on what direction we think a stock is headed.

Our goal over the past three years has been to show you how to use technical AND fundamental information to find option trades on stocks that are showing momentum, either to the upside or downside.

A 5% move in a stock is all it takes to make a 100% on the right option but there are other, safer ways to play options and we want to show you how.  The new features of the Weekly Wrap will include covered call trades and possibly naked put or call option writing.

We will show you how you can use options on stocks that you may already own or are thinking of owning.  However, the beauty of the service is that if you don’t want to trade options, you can just buy the stock.  This will allow us to expand our audience as not everyone is comfortable with trading options.

We have made a number of GREAT predictions but we should have told you to buy a 1,000 shares of Imax (IMAX, $26.33, up $0.88) when we profiled company at $3 a few years ago or Dendreon (DNDN, $38.30, up $0.48) when shares were under $5. 

Some of our subscribers did take the initiative to buy these gems at these levels but we should have been playing covered call options on them as we knew both companies inside-and-out and knew shares were heading much higher for both companies.  Netflix (NFLX, $188.39, down $5.03) is another “story stock” we covered last November at double nickels ($55). 

Our point is, we are seeing the same opportunities in a few, below the radar stocks and we want to show you how to use options and stocks, together, to enhance your overall returns.

We will have more in this weekend’s update and we are going to blow you away with a special offer.  Look for the Weekly Wrap on Sunday afternoon.  Until then, hold tight.