1:15pm (EST)

All the talk today is about the “weak” unemployment numbers we got but our main focus is how the market is doing.  Despite all the gloom-and-doom over the jobs report the Dow is only down 25 points to 10,582. 

We thought there would be more “fireworks” but from our point of view, it still looks like the bulls are willing to push this market higher.  The talking heads have been calling for a pullback for months but we have maintained our bullish stance since last March.  

In August, 2009, we set targets of 10,800 for the Dow; 2,275 on the Nasdaq and 1,175 for the S&P 500.  We are still short for our Dow and S&P 500 targets which leads us to believe the markets still has some bull left in it.

With earnings season kicking in gear next week, we either get there or fall back.  Then again, we could stay flat but as they say, pressure bursts pipes, so we could get a monster rally if companies blow out Wall Street’s 4Q earnings forecast.

We will be spending all weekend looking for clues on where the market is headed but we are also excited about the possible trades that might be added to our portfolio.  Folks, if you haven’t signed up for a subscription or UPGRADED then you have to make sure you are with us over the next few weeks. 

Why are we so excited?

Next week is what is known as “Expiration Week” to option traders and it’s your opportunity to take some serious swings at a few homerun trades.

We release these type of expiration week trades every now and again and they can be very rewarding.  In November, our subscribers banked over a 400% return on Priceline.com (PCLN, $218.10, up $1.97) as the stock zoomed from $173 to $204 after blasting Wall Street’s pencil pushers.  That is the power of playing options during expiration week.

Naturally, the risk of playing these types of trades is great but if you do your homework these types of returns are there.  Now, you can also lose 100% of your investment if you are wrong but if you make 400% you can have 3 losing trades of 100% and still double your money.  Pretty powerful, huh? 

It works like this.  If you invested a $1,000 and it returns 400% then you account is at $5,000.  If you do three more trades at $1,000 and they all lose 100% you would be left with $2,000.  Folks, that is still a 100% return although your track record was 1 for 4 in picking trades.  For 2009, our winning percentage was 75% on all of our trades…

On Monday, Alcoa (AA, $16.90, up $0.29) kicks off the parade followed by KB Home (KBH, $15.80, flat) on Tuesday, Intel (INTC, $20.62, up $0.02) and Charles Schwab (SCHW, $19.02, down $0.27) on Thursday and JPMorgan (JPM, $44.44, down $0.35) on Friday. 

We know you love the action of options trading or else you wouldn’t be reading this but you’re missing out on the real money making part of options if you are not a Member.  This is a great time to be joining us as we feel it is a perfect trading environment now AND in the months ahead. 

We expect to be using a mixture of calls and puts and we will be sending you quite a few new trades over the next few weeks along with follow-up updates to lock in your winners.

Before we go, we wanted to note that OSI Systems (OSIS, $32.00, up $3.10) continues to go higher and has set another 52-week high today.  The stock opened at $30.15 and has been in a strong uptrend all day.

U.S. Steel (X, $64.68, up $3.77) is jumping again today and we profiled a “free” option outside the Members Area for those of you thinking outside-the-box.  The January 55 calls (XAK, $10.00, up $3.85) are up 60% today and we mentioned how Goldman Sachs (GS, $175.52, down $2.15) knocked us out the trade when they were at $2. Wow…

We are excited about the market for 2010 and we hope you take the weekend to consider a subscription with us.  We have a lot of exciting things happening and we are rapidly approaching our membership limit.  Our trading manual is due out next month and we are bursting at the seams with the opportunity to teach you how to find these exciting trades as well.

We will be back Sunday night with the Weekly Wrap and a fresh outlook for next week.  There’s a chance of a strong market reversal next week but if there isn’t, we will be locked and loaded either way.  Current subscribers, check the Members Area for the trade updates.