9:15am (EST)

Priceline.com (PCLN, $172, up $3.99) 

November 200 calls (PNEKA, $1.30, up $0.25)

Entry Price:  $1.10 (11/6/09)
Exit Target: $2.00
Return: 18%
Stop Limit: None

Action:  We will have to update this position once we hear from the company.

Apollo Group (APOL, $55.99, down $0.48)

December 50 puts (OAQXJ, $1.50, down $0.05)

Entry Price:  $1.45 (11/5/09)
Exit Target: $2.00
Return: 3%
Stop Limit: 75 cents

Action:  Continue to hold. 

Special Notice:

All of our trades are listed in the 2009 Portfolio and are updated daily.  We wanted to update  a trade that we dropped coverage of because it was below the 50% stop we normally carry.  The trade did NOT have a stop but has made a nice comeback.

The trade was profiled when the market was in transition.  We have already accounted for the trade as a loss in our overall portfolio but sometimes you will see an option lose 75% before it makes a comeback.  That doesn’t mean we still think this position will be profitable, it just means that we are providing coverage again. 

This trade was initiated back on October 15th and here were my comments from the original write-up:

Dendreon (DNDN, $28.61, up $0.83)

January 35 calls (UQBAT, $1.40, up $0.15)

Entry Price: $2.15 (10/15/09)
Exit Target: $5.00  
Return: -35%
Stop Limit: None

Action: From October 16th: 

“Dendreon got hot right after our 1pm update and we got a brief push to over $30.  We were able to get into the call options at $2.15 and they hit a high of $2.55 yesterday.  Once the stock can close and stay above $30 we should start seeing even higher levels after that.  We have been building higher highs and higher lows which means the stock is in a solid uptrend.  We are still subject to risk because it is a Biotech/ Drug stock but I think Dendreon is ready to rock.  Remember, the CEO has admitted Dendreon is looking for a partner to help it market Provenge.”  (END)

Well, obviously the stock went the other way and recently touched a low of $24.80 last Monday after the company filed its application for Provenge.  We kind of figured we would see a “sell the news reaction” but we are looking at the longer-term picture for Dendreon.  I still think something big is going to happen with this one before 2009 closes.