12:30pm (EST)

General Electric (GE, $16.68, up $0.68) is rolling this week.  The stock opened Mondayat $14.55 and closed yesterday at $16.  Today’s 4% pop is shows the stock’s momentum after passing hitting the $16 level and shares look poised to run to $17 where there is resistance.  Volume is thru the roof as 113 million shares have traded thus far.
Lottery players are all over the GE September 16 calls (GEWIQ, $0.75, up $0.49) as they are up nearly 200% for the day.  They opened at 40 cents.  We went to Apple’s (AAPL, $182.26, up $7.10) October party instead and the option trade I profiled at 11am is up 50% folks!  If you got in at 85 cents, lock down some profits as the call options are now at $1.50!
Baidu.com (BIDU, $402.80, up $5.27) continues to set new 52-week highs.  The stock has made an $80 move since the beginning of the month.  Goldman Sachs (GS, $178.33, up $1.67) is the latest cheerleader after making some chippy comments on the company this week and setting a price target of $455.  Baidu’s CEO has been quoted as saying he sees users leaving Yahoo Japan to come to Baidu over the next few years.
That’s it for now…Freeport McMoRan (FCX, $72.77, up $1.43) and Imax (IMAX, $10.10, up $0.28) are also putting in good days for us.  I may try and do an 11pm update tonight but I’ve got a ton of research I’m doing.  If not, I’ll see everyone in the morning by 9am (EST).