10:00am (EST) I wanted to wait until the market opened to do today’s morning blog.  Futures were pointing towards a lower open and that we got.  The Dow is currently down 46 points  to 8,426 but was making a charge towards positive territory.  However, the sentiment has been negative this morning and it remains to been seen if the bulls show up today. One stock that is having no problem trading higher is Imax (IMAX, $8.10, up $0.28).  The stock broke through $8 this morning and if shares can make it past its 52-week high of $8.28, we will be in great shape. Another stock I’m watching this morning is ChangeYou.com (CYOU, $42.89, down $0.16) which jumped 10% yesterday.  I’m kicking myself for not setting an “alert” when the stock fell to $35 on Monday…this was the bottom of its most recent trading pattern.  I’m not sure what the July 40 calls (CQUGH, $4.60, down $0.10) were trading for on Monday but it couldn’t have been more than $1.50.  The calls closed at $2.35 on Wednesday, opened at $2.50 yesterday and hit a low of $2.15 before doubling.  They closed for a 100% return in one day. 

If the stock makes a run at its 52-week high of $44.85, watch the July 50 calls (CQUGJ, $0.75, down $0.10).  I’m not suggesting getting into a position now but but add them to your Watch List for next week or down the road.  I like the action in this stock.