10:00pm (EST)

I have a couple pieces of good news for everybody tonight. The first one is obvious as Dendreon (DNDN, $25.46, up $0.56) is the headline. The stock closed near its high for the day and I have been talking up Dendreon all week. In after-hours trading, the shares were up another 97 cents to $26.43.

As many of you know, I have been following this company for years which is why many of the Dendreon trades I have posted here in the blog have been successful.

That is what happens when you follow a company for years. You get to know and “feel” how a stock will trade. Of course, there is more to it than that but when you find stocks like this, they can make you money over and over again. You will even find yourself buying both call and put options once you learn how a stock trades.

Now, I can’t tell you exactly what is happening with Dendreon, news related because there is none, but it is on the verge of challenging its 52-week high of $27.40. However, I did tell you biotech has been lacking in the overall market gains and I also told you to watch for the break above $25.

I also wanted to talk more about the new trading service we have coming out. The first thing is that we will have a subscription link for all of you on Friday. Because we were a day late, in good faith, I sent out a Dendreon trade because I didn’t want to wait to make you profits. I also sent out another trade to all of you who emailed me on Tuesday and it was on Cisco Systems (CSCO, $19.67, up $0.31). I also threw in an Apple (AAPL, $143.74, up $2.79) trade and that stock was up another $2.51 in extended trading to $146.25.

I did this because I want you to see the incredible value we will be offering you and to show you I don’t hide any punches. I wanted to provide one last update on these trades because we will be going to a paid membership starting this weekend and I will not be covering these trades in the blog. I’ve also been talking a lot about Apple since last week and how I thought the stock could challenge the $150 level. I mentioned the June 125 calls (APVFE, $19.15, up $2.55) on May 27th which were trading at $10.75 and they have nearly doubled. I also profiled the June 140 calls (APVFH, $6.67, up $1.47) last night and they opened at $4.75 this morning. They should double by Friday IF Apple’s after-hour gain holds. Either way, these positions should be closed on Friday, regardless if the stock breaks $150. As an option trader it would be hard to leave a 100% position open over the weekend only to give back your gains come Monday. I’m not saying that is going to happen but the June options will expire in two weeks. If you wanted to keep a position on, you could close out the June call options and roll some profits into the July calls. However, I’m here to make you money and the smart money closes the trade and takes the profits on Friday. The Dendreon July 30 calls (UQBGF, $0.90, up $0.10) opened at 87 cents and the August 30 calls (UQBHF, $1.56, up $0.21) opened at $1.50. This position is a little bit different than the Apple trade as we have plenty of time before these call options expire. And I don’t feel nervous about leaving these positions open. In closing, I hope you have seen what an incredible value this service will be and I hope to have all of you on board when we launch next week. This will be the last chance to sign-up before the general public finds out which is when we may have to cap the number of subscribers. The special rates one last time are as follows: 1 month – $97 3 month – $261 or $87 per month (10% off) 6 month – $462 or $77 per month (20% off) 1 year – $804 or $67 per month (30% off) Again, if you are interested in our new trading service send me an email with the subject title “3 month, 6 month, or 1 year” and I will put you on the list. One more thing. If you DO NOT have an option account or if you are not approved for options trading LEVEL 2, please email me and I will help you with the process. In the subject line please type in “NEW ACCOUNT” or “LEVEL 2 HELP”. Even if you don’t have an option account, you can open one with no money. My point is I want to help you get started so when you do have money to start, you will be ready. I will be spending all weekend answering emails and adding any of you who read the blog that subscribe to the pre-order list we have. Don’t forget, we get the unemployment report before the market opens. If we get any kind of good news, the market should continue its winning ways. Rick Rouse Rick@OptionsMentoring.com]]>