TiVo (TIVO, $10.70, up $3.32) shares hit a 52-week high today after a judge ruled that Dish Network (DISH, $15.56, down $1.68) and EchoStar (SATS, $16.12, down $0.25) will have to pony up nearly $200 million for “video-recorder” patent infringements. This was a windfall for TiVo as the company has lost money for two straight quarters.

After reporting a loss of $4 million, $0.04 a share, versus a profit of $3.5 million a year-ago, TiVo could be on track for more royalties. There is another $100 million in the kitty that could come TiVo’s way from “accumulated interest” for judgments three years ago. Keep an eye on these developments.

The June 10 calls (TUKFB, $1.20, up $1.15) were going for 5 cents yesterday and nearly 10,000 contracts traded hands today. That is a 2,800% gain for anyone who got in on Tuesday. I wouldn’t go chasing here, especially with the June calls but there may be a trade down the road. Speaking of:

A few words about the new trading service we are rolling out:

To start, I want to apologize to those of you who I haven’t emailed back (yet). Whenever someone emails me, I always try to respond within 24 hours. I pride myself on that. I don’t mind answering questions but this week has been hectic for me. Just remember, I do respond to all emails and I look forward to chatting with all of you in the future.

The new trading service is for everybody to enjoy and will offer directional and non-directional trades. Once you are a subscriber, you will get emails AND alerts (as needed) regarding new trades and current trades. This information will also be published in the members area which you will have exclusive access to.

I will give clear entry points, exit points, profit and loss targets for all trades. And at times I will enter trades. When I do, I will provide full disclosure. You have seen how I write trades up in the blog and the emails will be just like that. In other words, I won’t leave you hanging. You also know I talk about all of my trades, winners AND losers. I won’t be right all of the time but I won’t be scared to admit it either. My track record from the blog is 75% winners out of 250 trades.

Once you sign-up, any money you pay will go towards the purchase of any of the mentoring courses we have here. In other words, if you buy a year membership to the trading service for a 30% discount off the $97 monthly rate, that can be applied towards any of these mentoring courses at any time. So if you are with us for a few months and you want to get a course, the money that you have paid will go towards the purchase. You also get the classroom training twice a week so you can get a feel for things before buying the course.

We have an options course, a stock trading course, an e-mini course and this fall we will have a Forex course. Once you are a lifetime student, you will have access to all future videos and training classes for that course. However, you will not have access to the new trading service unless you are a subscriber. Some people just want the trade picks which is fine but our goal is to teach YOU how to find your own trades.

We started the trading service to make it easier for you to join our mentoring program. Instead of paying a one-time fee to join our program, we have spread it out in different payments to make it affordable for everyone. This way you can give us a try before choosing which course you want. It really is the best of both worlds.

If you are not interested in becoming a student, then we would still like to have you sign up for the trading service. My track record from the blog will be posted on the new site and you will see tons of triple-digit winning trades. You will also see trades that made some of you over 2,500%! Even if you just sign-up for a month, there’s a chance you can make back all of your money for the subscription and then some. And you get to use your subscription costs as a credit! Wow.

The last thing I want to talk about are some of the changes going on. The most important one is that John Ondercin is no longer with us. From my understanding, John offered “free” trade picks to his students. The “free” trades were part of his mentoring program and not ours. There is where some confusion comes in. Unfortunately, we cannot offer “free” picks.

In closing, I want to thank all of you who have been reading the blog. It has been a great pleasure to be able to talk and teach you about the market and that won’t change. In fact, the blog may even throw out a “free” trade every now and then. The Dendreon (DNDN, $24.90, up $0.83) trade was a “free” one and that stock moved from $4 to $24. I put a lot of you in the April, May, and August call options and many of you did very well.

There will be another Dendreon trade in the future and other exciting trades that I will profile. Many of you are scared to buy options because of the huge rally we have had. What you have to remember though, if there is a correction, there will be opportunities to buy put options which is the same thing on betting on a higher market. There is always a trade and that is what we want to teach you. For those of you reading this for the first time, here are the prices once again:

The rates are this.

1 month – $97
3 month – $261 or $87 per month (10% off)
6 month – $462 or $77 per month (20% off)
1 year – $804 or $67 per month (30% off)

If you are seriously interested in the service, please send me an email with “1 month”, “3 month”, “6 month” or “1 year” in the subject line. For those of you that already have emailed me, I should have the subscription link within the next 24 hours and I will email you back as soon as I get it. We will be up and rolling here soon and I thank you for your patience. I also encourage you to sign up fast so that you don’t miss what is happening with the current trades.

I am excited about this opportunity to finally be able to teach you the litttle tricks I have learned from trading options. Many of you have asked how I “find” trades and I will be showing you how in the future. There are so many things I have been wanting to talk about in the blog but couldn’t and I can’t wait to show you how to examine an option trade.

Rick Rouse