2:45pm (EST)

Here is the latest on Dendreon (DNDN, $11.81, down $1.84):

**4.1 month median extended survival rate

**Increased 3-year survival rate by 38% versus placebo

**22.5% reduction in risk of death

In other words, Dendreon delivered the goods.

I’ve been mentioning the drop in the stock price but I just got news the Nasdaq is investigating “potentially erroneous” trades.

With such good news it’s hard to explain what will become of this. “Erroneous” covers a lot of meanings: not conformed to truth or justice, mistaken, false, misleading…

Dendreon will conclude its conference at 5:30pm (EST) so it is possible that we could see the stock open up in after-hours. We had this kind of circus 2 years ago as the stock has followed a similar pattern. However, this time around, Dendreon did not disappoint.

Rick Rouse