Potash (POT, $84.71, up $5.31) higher over the past three trading sessions. The stock hit a low of $60 last Friday and has quickly reversed course and held above $80 all day. On October 21 and 22, I profiled the November 80 calls (PVZKP, $11.30, down $3.50) and the 2010 January 180 calls (WPTAW, $6.10, up $3.50) as high risk/ high reward trades. The November 80 calls have returned 140% as they were trading for $4.70 at the time. The January 180 calls are way out-of-the-money but have value simply because Potash can be an explosive stock. These calls were trading for $3.00 at the time of the blog and have easily doubled. The trade was balanced so that if the November calls did not perform up to expectations then we still had insurance with the January 2010 calls which do not expire for another 16 months. Today, we got the best of both worlds as Potash looked strong all day. The market has shown some strength this week and it looks like we may get out of October without another bomb dropping. The short-term oulook is up especially with the election right around the corner. This is normally a bullish time for the market and this rally could continue into next week. However, place stops accordingly, at least 75%-100% above your entry prices. Rick Rouse Rick@OptionsMentoring.com]]>