There has been a slew of takeover offers or ones in the works that I wanted to mention this morning. There may be one or two option trades worth researching but the easy money has already been made. However, it is still nice to see the M&A activity picking up. (All quotes are from Friday’s close)

SanDisk (SNDK, $17.64, up $4.18) had a huge day Friday on news that Samsung Electronics is considering an offer for the company. The Korean semiconductor giant already supplies flash memory chips to SanDisk and figures it is getting a great deal. There were twice as much action in the calls than puts and buyers and sellers of these contracts were targeting the 17.50 and 20 strike prices. The September 17.50 calls (SWQIW) closed at $1.30 while the October 20 calls (SWQJD) closed at $1.00.

UST (UST, $67.55, up $13.55) jumped 25% after Altria Group (MO, $20.95, up $0.29) appears set to acquire the chewing tobacco and wine maker for about $10 billion. More than 31,000 contracts of the September 60 calls (USTIM) were traded as they closed at $3.80. The October 70 calls (USTJN) traded nearly 30,000 contracts and could be a sleeper if we get a higher bid. They closed at 90 cents on Friday.

Lehman Brothers (LEH, $16.20, up $1.03) continues to look for a partner as it seeks to secure a much-needed capital infusion. Although Blackstone Group (BX, $16.43, down $0.31) and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company are said to be looking at parts of Lehman’s business model, I still think Lehman gets and oversees bid. The September 18 calls (LYHIL) closed at $1.05 and could see some action this morning. The October 20 calls (LYHJD) could also be worth a second look and are going for $1.10.

Aside from the M&A activity, don’t forget we still have a “half position” open on Citigroup (C, $19.07, up $0.77) and Wachovia (WB, $16.75, up $1.22). The Citigroup January 20 calls (CAD, $2.10) were profiled at $1.37 and we got 50% on the first half of our position. The Wachovia January 15 calls (WBAC, $4.40) were recommended at $3.00 on 8/20 and half was sold at $3.80 on 8/29.

Citigroup, Lehman and Wachovia should all get a pretty good pop at the open as the Dow looks poised to start the session with at least a triple-digit gain. It would be wise to probably sell the other half of our positions as soon as the market opens. I have a feeling people will be selling into the rally as we go.

Rick Rouse