The market has just opened and the financial stocks look like they will be trading lower. I’ve been mentioning four trades that we have going and how they should be closed today. If you still believe these stocks may go higher then you could sell half of your positions and hold onto the rest.

The four trades we looked at involved Citigroup (C, $18.86, down $0.22), Wachovia (WB, $15.67, down $0.32), Fannie Mae (FNM, $7.38, down $0.57) and Freddie Mac (FRE, $4.82, down $0.46)

The Citigroup January 20 calls (CAD, $1.95, down $0.10) were at $1.37 and had posted gains of 50% before this morning’s slight decline. The Wachovia January 15 calls (WBAC, $3.80, down $0.20) were recommended at $3.00 and should do well as Wachovia remains a buyout candidate.

The Fannie May January 5 calls (NJWAA, $4.00, down $0.10) were profiled at $2.40 and are have posted gains of 70%+. The Freddie Mac January 5 calls (FREAA, $1.85, down $0.15) were profiled at $1.20 and are showing a 50% gain.

Again, I’d close half of each position ahead of the holiday weekend. The market is closed on Monday so I’ll be back Tuesday with some fresh ideas.

Rick Rouse